A Background on Aerial Perspective

Creating or selecting artwork for Lenticular Printing with the 3D Depth Effect requires artwork which has one, two, or more point Linear or Aerial Perspective. For starters, you want to know what is Aerial Perspective? Also called Atmospheric Perspective, it is described as the use of gradations in color and definition to suggest distance in an image. The image above was…

ASI Show 2012 Orlando FL, Thank you East Coast and the world for a great show!

Thank you for stopping by our booth at the 2012 ASI promotional product trade show. We are pleased to announce that we received an overwhelming response and positive feedback regarding our new “No Print Minimum on Lenticular POP signs and posters”. If you missed the show and need show materials regarding our products:                         <<Click here>>

Jewels Lenticular Posters – Excellent

In our years of lenticular printing it is very seldom where we see optimum effects. Below is a video from “E3dmsk” it shows a beautiful display of 3D depth and rotation.   Job well done friends.  

Lenticular Promo

Lenticular printing is reaching new heights of creativity. We now see hundreds of printers specializing in large format lenticular posters. Years ago the biggest downfalls were the huge price marks, and complexity of ordering. This made it a difficult to process most jobs, as people became intimidated of ordering such prints. Now with the latest…